lauren & anthony | 01-11-2014 | the landing at dockside, brisbane | wedding

There has been an increase in brides requesting black and white photos of their wedding, and so I’ve decided to post whole one wedding post in black and white, to show how powerful that could be. Don’t worry, color photos are always delivered as well.

2014_lauren_0030 2014_lauren_0051 2014_lauren_0057 2014_lauren_0091 2014_lauren_0156 2014_lauren_0193 2014_lauren_0207 2014_lauren_0216 2014_lauren_0224 2014_lauren_0235 2014_lauren_0240 2014_lauren_0245 2014_lauren_0247 2014_lauren_0257 2014_lauren_0263 2014_lauren_0268 2014_lauren_0273 2014_lauren_0280 2014_lauren_0287 2014_lauren_0295 2014_lauren_0298 2014_lauren_0307 2014_lauren_0315 2014_lauren_0322 2014_lauren_0333 2014_lauren_0353 2014_lauren_0356 2014_lauren_0361 2014_lauren_0364 2014_lauren_0375 2014_lauren_0390