danika & simon & family | 30-03-2014 | tamborine farm | family

It’s always so much fun to take pictures of these guys. And what’s more, they look great in Black & White. And they had a newborn to join their team.
All took place on their parent’s farm in Tamborine, which is one of my favorite places to shoot.

2014_03_danika_0001 2014_03_danika_0027 2014_03_danika_0015X 2014_03_danika_0012 2014_03_danika_0044 2014_03_danika_0052 2014_03_danika_0078 2014_03_danika_0085 2014_03_danika_0086 2014_03_danika_0095 2014_03_danika_0103 2014_03_danika_0151 2014_03_danika_0162 2014_03_danika_0165 2014_03_danika_0186 2014_03_danika_0198 2014_03_danika_0206 2014_03_danika_0207-2 2014_03_danika_0218-2 2014_03_danika_0219 2014_03_danika_0228 2014_03_danika_0240-2 2014_03_danika_0244 2014_03_danika_0246 2014_03_danika_0250